Kaplan College in Laredo, TX

Career-Focused Programs

Starting a new career or enhancing your present one could be possible with an education from Kaplan College in Laredo, Texas. Our programs are designed to train you quickly and conveniently, so you could improve your future without disrupting your present life. We aim to equip you with the tools necessary to succeed in today's competitive workforce. Learn more about what we can do to improve your future.

Offering Quality Education

Our courses are taught by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals; many work in their designated fields on a daily basis and can provide you with the real-world, hands-on training and experience you need to thrive in your chosen profession. Our career-focused programs are designed to provide the training and knowledge you need—some in only a matter of months.

Expanded Services

In addition to a quality education, Kaplan College offers many resources to help you while you complete your training, and even after graduation. Tutoring classes, refresher courses, externships, and career services are a few examples of the support services we provide to our students and alumni. Find out more about Kaplan College today.

History of Kaplan College, Laredo Campus

Texas Careers was founded in November 1989 as Moderncare, Inc., in San Antonio, Texas. Initially established to provide education in allied health fields, Texas Careers expanded program offerings to additional fields through the years. In April 1999, Texas Careers opened its Laredo, Texas, branch campus and in November 2009, changed its name to Kaplan College.

Kaplan College, Laredo campus is conveniently located near I-35, a short distance from Laredo International Airport. Laredo, the "Gateway City," is the only city to operate international bridges between two Mexican states and is the largest city in Webb County.

The city has plenty of interesting sites to see, things to do, and places to explore. From horseback riding along the Rio Grande River to shopping and dining across the border in Mexico, Laredo offers something for everyone.

Kaplan College can offer you a real-world education in a short time so you can look toward the future and enter a new career or advance in your current profession.