Kaplan Commitment

We all have a reason to commit.

A Kaplan College, we believe commitment works both ways. We are dedicated to your success and value your reason for going back to school. That is why we are offering you an opportunity to experience real classes, for real credits, before having a tuition obligation.*

Your Commitment

Whatever your reason is for returning to school, we are committed to helping you accomplish your goals. Start on the path toward success - attend classes in your chosen program as a conditionally admitted student for an introductory period. There is no financial obligation during the introductory period beyond the enrollment fee.†

The concept is simple:

  • Enroll in your chosen program for an introductory period
  • Complete all homework, quizzes, exams, and other assignments expected of all students
  • At the end of the introductory period, you may choose to continue in your chosen program of study as an officially accepted student if you meet the program’s requirements‡
  • If you decide to continue beyond the introductory period, you will be responsible for tuition in full and the cost of course materials, including textbooks and uniforms

Kaplan CommitmentSM

Kaplan College strives to put our students first. Your satisfaction and success as a student are important to us. If for any reason you choose to withdraw before the close of business on the last day of the introductory period, your tuition obligation and cost of course materials are waived.†

Official Acceptance Policies

To be officially accepted, you must meet the requirements stated below before the end of the conditional admittance period. Requirements for official acceptance include the following:

  • Satisfy the attendance requirements as stated in the institution's catalog/addenda
  • Satisfy all remaining admissions requirements as stated in the institution's catalog/addenda
  • Complete the financial aid process and submit all of the required documentation

To learn more about Kaplan CommitmentSM and our programs, please contact us or refer to the Course Catalog for your chosen campus. 


* No credits will be earned if the student withdraws from the program.
† All students are responsible for an enrollment fee in accordance with local state laws. Enrollment fee is non-refundable except in the state of Texas.
‡ Students must withdraw before the close of business on the last day of the introductory period for tuition exemption. Program requirements may vary depending on the program or campus. Please contact the campus for specific program details.